Tommaso Zugno

I am a PhD student at the University of Padova, working on next-generation cellular networks.

I am a member of the SIGNET research group and the mmWave Networking Group.

List of Publications



Projects I worked on

Millicar - An ns-3 Module for MmWave NR V2X Networks

Millicar is an ns-3 module for the simulation of Vehicle-to-Vehicle networks operating at mmWaves. The code is available on Github, a paper describing the module implementation is available on arXiv.

Google Summer of Code 2019 with ns-3

Google Summer of Code is an international program which connects students with open source organizations to produce open source software. I have taken part in GSoC 2019 mentored by the ns-3 organization with a project entitled "Integration of the 3GPP TR 38.901 channel model in the ns-3 spectrum module". The project report is available here, a paper describing this work is available here.